‘This is my mum’s studio, it’s full of pretty sparkling things and is SO COOL’

Christine Trewinnard CoutureI work from home, in a studio, at the top of my cottage, by the sea. It wasn’t always like this, I was a London commuter, pursuing a career in Haute Couture. For 25 years I had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the industry, a privilege that gave me the bedrock for my ambition. I could go on about my past experience, but for now a quote from my daughter who climbed the stairs to show her friend where mum works;
“This is my mum’s studio, it’s full of pretty sparkling things and is SO COOL”
That just about sums up where I am today, and is probably a good place to start. She is right of course, it is full of pretty sparkling  things. There are treasures that I have accumulated over time, some of which would be hard to find today.
Christine Trewinnard Couture
I have to admit I’m rather a magpie when it comes to finding a stunning piece of embellishment to adorn one of my dresses. Whether it’s a double satin ribbon in a complementary shade, or a delicate piece of embroidery that just so happens to sit beautifully as a centre piece, or even a few crystals and seed pearls to finish off an edging.

So while some little girls see sparkles and dream of pretty ball gowns, I am in the fortunate position of creating dreams for ladies who seek something glamorous, elegant, timeless, mixed with bucket-loads of experience, a handful of passion and generously sprinkled with couture magic.

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